Stewart Downing Warns About The Fight Going On Between The Boro Players, As The January Month Is Looming

Regarding the Boro team, Stewart Downing said that as the January windows are looking, the team is playing for their individual futures. Tony Pulis has made his intentions very clear that he will be looking forward to strengthening the squad of the team for the forthcoming month, specifically in the final 3rd. After the Saturday’s defeat of 3-0 to Aston Villa, he said that he very well knows where the team is falling short and he is intending to do something about this. And that is the reason why Stewart says none of the players of Boro can just rest on their previous achievements and tread water until the window will open.

The experienced player who is 34 years old said “No, it is just about doing well. If we will not play well in the forthcoming 6 games then we could be totally out of touch by the end of January. It does not make a difference that we will get in January, it is just about the present and we have to win.” He added “We basically need to think whether we will be in the team or not? Anyone can replace us in the team. That’s what I think, “Who will he bring in the team?” That is going to be the motivation.”

Stewart admitted that he is not a very big fan of the window of the winter. He said “January is a difficult and harsh window. And we have experienced it in the last 2 or 3 years.” “We have got many players in late and have paid more for that. I think you have to get the whole bulk before the summer, and that will be the best bet.”