Downing reveals reason for move away from anfield

Stewart Downing spent 2 seasons at Anfield performing for Liverpool but after making over 60 appearances for the club, he was sold to West Ham United on August of 2013. The English player has now unveiled details concerning why he decided to make his move and leave Liverpool as Downing said that he was did not like the way that Brendan Rodgers treated him.

“I never thought of packing football in but I didn’t like the way I was treated,” he said. “He put that headline out, saying I needed to ‘fight’ more. It hurt. If you ask all the managers I’ve played for, I always try, always train hard. If Brendan had a problem with me, if he’d pulled me and told me, then no problem. He didn’t. It hurt the way he did it. I went to see him, November time, and he just said to me: ‘This isn’t going to happen for you here, basically find a new club.’ Stewart Downing told the media.

The English winger continued on saying that he wanted to continue playing at Anfield as he was happy being a player of Liverpool, one of the top clubs in the England but things started to fall apart for him after the conversation that he had with Brendan Rodgers where the coach said that he was not in the plans of the coach and advised Stewart Downing on joining another squad.

It was later announced that West Ham United had signed Stewart Downing for an undisclosed fee. This start of a new season has seen some clubs picking up some surprising results and one of the latest ones was Liverpool suffering a 3-1 defeat against West Ham United and Downing said that it was special victory for him as he managed to overcome his former club.