Stewart Downing has said that he is very happy that his legal strife with his former agent, Ian Eliott, has ended and the result has come in his favour. He said that when he came to know about this fact 4 years back, it was very hard for him to believe. He was hurt and he couldn’t even concentrate on playing football. It was hard to believe that the person, whom you trust so much, had done something like that. But, he is delighted that the justice has been done eventually.

Ian Eliott was the agent of Downing when he was playing for Middlesbrough. There was a firm named Stewart Downing Promotions Ltd. The firm used to manage the commercial stuffs of Stewart Downing. Ian Eliott was the director of that firm and he mishandled the account of the firm. Eliott admitted his fault in front of the court and he was sent to the jail for 6 months. Also, according to the order of the court, Eliott cannot direct a company for the next 10 years.

After the decision of the court, Downing told the reporters that he is immensely satisfied by the decision of the court. Now, he can focus on playing football without any stress in his mind. As per Downing, he had done a mistake by trusting a dishonest person. But, a person learns from his mistake and he has learnt a lesson after this incident.

Downing doesn’t play for Middlesbrough any more. He plays for Liverpool now. His performance in the last season for Liverpool was not that good. He was not able to score a single goal in the whole league season. On being asked about his targets in the upcoming season, he said that he would like to score some goals and give an improved performance in the upcoming season.