Stewart Downing’s future is up in the air

At the age of 32, Stewart Downing is a player that is reaching the final years of his professional career and it’s extremely important for him to spend this time in a club where he can consistently perform but unfortunately for the English midfielder, he has had to spend a long period of time on the sidelines as a substitute player as the head coach of MiddlesbroughAitorKaranka is giving more playing time to other players of the team while Downing has recently been dropped to the bench.

Being on the sidelines on such a regular basis is something that has really started to frustrate Stewart Downing and the English player is attempting to join another club where he can get guaranteed time on the first team but even though Middlesbrough has indeed allowed Downing to leave the club, they will not allow him to join any other Premier League club.

The only way that Stewart Downing could leave Middlesbrough is on a loan deal and if he joins a club from a lower division such as: The English Championship League or a club from a different division entirely.

Stewart Downing is convinced that even at his fairly elevated age; he can still perform in a top league and rumors have been linking the Englishman with a move to Crystal Palace and a few English League Championship clubs including: Aston Villa and Newcastle United have also shown interest in signing Stewart Downing.

The winter transfer window opened on January 1rst of 2017 and will be closing on January 31st which means that Stewart Downing still has time to figure out what he is going to do.