Stewart Downing is aiming on making a return to the Premier League

When players get transferred to different clubs, they usually want to join a club which is competing in a bigger league which has more well-known stars and into a league which is considered to be more competitive but this doesn’t happen in all cases, there are some occasions when players join a lesser known team and this is what happened with Stewart Downing as the English midfielder made a move from the Premier League side West Ham United to the Championship club Middlesbrough.

Stewart Downing is more than happy to have made a move from West Ham United to Middlesbrough and this is due to a number of reasons which he pointed out during a recent interview.

“I’ve had no regrets up till now. We’re in a good position in the league. “These are hard times on Teesside and, no disrespect to the Championship, but our fans want to see us taking on the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Everton again every week. Promotion would be good for the area financially; it would be massive if we get promoted. It would give the whole town a lift, I think.” Stewart Downing replied as he talked about the current situation of the club.

Middlesbrough is going through a sensational run in the English League Championship after defeating Derby County with a final scoreboard of 2-0 and are now undefeated from their last 8 games.

Stewart Downing is a consistent starter in the team of Aitor Karanka and the English player is hoping that Middlesbrough will continue their sublime form and snatch a top spot that will allow his team to get promoted into the Premier League, which is where he used to compete in back when he was a player of West Ham United.