Aitor Karanka Displeasure recognized after Refree Decision

Aitor Karanka made no attempts of hiding his displeasure after the dismissal of one of the goals scored by his side yesterday which saw the Blues holding Middlesbrough on a draw.

An absolutely furious Boro boss refused to accept that it was one of the general errors made in the on-field calling.

According to Karanka, he would have taken it just as a mistake if it had been the only case of his team having to suffer such a decision. But, because such cases have been quite frequent in the recent past and at the same time, the other frontrunners in the Championship have been having a slightly softer route; he is forced to believe that the perspective of the match officials regarding Middlesbrough is different.

Karanka, on being repeatedly pushed by the journalists which cases he has been indicating to, opened a little bit and reflected on an incident of three weeks back where his striker Stuani had been slapped a ban.

Suggesting that the ban was not totally fair, the 42-year old said he is worried to see Middlesbrough falling victim of decisions like that.

Karanka’s anger regarding yesterday’s game was probably justified as Middlesbrough was denied two points because of that wrong judgment and with the promotion race being as close as it is, two points are like gold dust.

Middlesbrough, however, still has control over their fate as a victory in the last match, which is against Brighton & Hove Albion, would send them in the top tier, but, the situation could have been more comfortable if they had had the better of Birmingham as their points’ count in that case would have gone to 90 and they’d have stood just one point away from securing promotion.